Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tagalog Love Quote 1

Tagalog Love Quote

Importante ba yung word na mahal?
Ewan ko lang pero para sa akin
mas importante ka, lam mo kung bakit?
Kse how can i say "mahal kita"…
kung wala ka naman!!

If I write your name on a tree, ill put a circle around your name,
not a heart because a heart can be broken but a circle never ends.

Sabi nila… find a true person,
yung tanggap ka?
yung di ka iiwan in times of trouble..
yung the best?! Natawa ako…
kse sa isip ko.. Bakit pa?
Eh… nandyan ka na!

wen God opened d window,
he saw me & asked...
"wat is ur morning wish?"
I said "Lord jaz take care of
d person hu's reading ds
message ryt now & i'll
be fine...

wen u LEFT me,
i felt down and
broken & unable
to smile but 1
thing changed me.
i looked it up in
the dictionary
apprntly, "i don't
need "U" to spell
my happiness!"

Pagalingan sa math. wag nyo ddyain sarili nyo
pgscroll dwn, wag ibalik hnggat d alam ang sagot.
1 beses lng basahin!
My 1 jeep, smkay ang 5, umndar lumko s knto,
bmaba ung 1 tpos smakay 3 Umndar, lmiko uli sa knto, smakay 6 bmba 2, lumiko bmba 3. lmiko ul8 smakay nmn 2, lmiko ulit bmaba 1, lmiko smkay 3 lmiko u8 smakay 2..ang tanong: musta ka na???

The shortest powerful name
i know is "GOD"
the greatest abundant word
i know is "BLESS"
and the Person i wish all the
best today is "YOU"

Saying "gud night"
is not letting u knw im sleepy,
its my way of sayin
"i rmmber u b4 i end my day!"
hope dat u feel d care dat goes w/ it.

I lyk the simplicity of ds line:
" FRIENDS are lyk blood, though they are not bsyd us always but they came out when we are wounded..

You don’t have to be perfect to let somebody love you the way you wanted to be loved! Always remember that being simple is the most perfect way to make someone fall in love with you.

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